Why You Might Need A Contested Will Lawyer In Balmain

It’s an unfortunate fact that many Australians are left out of the final testaments and legal documents of a close friend or loved one. Death is never easy to understand, and it often grows in complexity and pain as time goes on, especially when contentious estates aren’t exactly fair for everyone. If you believe you have been unfairly left out of someone’s final estate and wishes, you should certainly reach out to one of the most reputable Balmain lawyers for contesting a will. You shouldn’t be forced into accepting circumstances that are unfair and unjust. Does this resonate with you? Keep reading so you know how to act and lodge a legal response.

Their wishes don’t make sense

old person writing a will

When elderly people are on the verge of passing away, it is a sad fact that their final legal declarations are often manipulated and changed by younger relatives. Because the person often lacks the faculty or agency to make important decisions, changes to their estate instructions can be easily coerced from them. If the

make no sense (especially if your conversations with them conflict with the orders stipulated in the legal document), then you can hire a contested will lawyer in Balmain. There have been many famous cases of legal estate disputes, many of which have gone for months, even years.

You have been inexplicably left out

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Sometimes, people just make mistakes. These mistakes can be translated into poorly constructed legal documents, which inexplicably leave out specific individuals. You might have had a recent fight with the deceased, however, that shouldn’t suddenly preclude you from their estate upon them passing away (especially if you are blood relatives). If they suddenly pass away and you had no time to reconcile your differences, then hiring a contested will lawyer in Balmain should be at the top of your list.

There’s a lot of ambiguity

Some legal estates are left with simply poor instructions. It’s usually down to poor legal work or vague wishes from the recently deceased. Either way, ambiguous legal clauses aren’t helping anyone, and if you are concerned that you and your family might be unfairly neglected, reach out to a contested will lawyer in Balmain. This area be quite tricky at times, especially when the mediator needs to evaluate the quality of your relationship with the deceased and how close you both were before their passing.

You were a financial dependent

If you were financially dependent on the recently deceased, then you should be entitled to some form of the estate in some capacity. Ideally, the deceased’s estate is meant to be dispersed equally amongst the beneficiaries, however, if you were financially dependent on the person, you could be entitled to slightly more.

Tips for handling the process

There are many reasons why you should hire a contested will lawyer in Balmain, as outlined earlier. However, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t. It’s important to remain grounded during the entire legal process, which can take a while. Don’t simply go for the money and be greedy. Think of it this way; the longer your case goes on, the more money your contested will lawyer in Balmain requires in terms of compensation. Here are some other tips to remember:

Always be honest

Honesty and transparency are crucial. Don’t lie to your contested will lawyer in Balmain to simply embellish your relationship with the decease. It will look bad in mediation sessions and undermine your chances.

Be reasonable

Another important thing to remember is to be reasonable. This isn’t meant to be “your chance to take them for everything”. Remember that someone has passed away and any legal in-fighting will be a blemish on that person’s legacy and memory. Keep it simple and reasonable if you have a fair claim.