Why Workplace Flu Shots Are a Valuable Business Investment Opportunity

Dealing with flu season is a major headache for organisations large and small across the country.

The good news is that clients are able to take a proactive approach and kill the disease before it even has time to spread.

Workplace flu shots are a proven business investment opportunity in this setting, empowering organisations to cover their community members with an updated immunisation.


Saving Key Costs

Paying for absentees courtesy of sick leave entitlements is part and parcel of what a company has to manage when they have full-time staff on their books. However, the engagement of workplace flu shots will work to minimise those expected costs as the autumn months approach, ensuring that those sniffles and headaches can be avoided before they even emerge. These measures are best kept for emergency circumstances when another medical issue arises, rather than using those resources for a problem that can be predicted on the company calendar.


Avoiding Logistical Shuffle

When participants do not take part in workplace flu shots, those who are left absent by the flu have vacated their role. This can create a number of issues for organisations, particularly those who are already short staffed and don’t have the resources to oversee those departments. Whether it is bringing in casual staff to cover for that role or leaving it absent, departments will be left running below normal standard. This could apply to the customer service desk, marketing team, HR, accounting or management.


Lowering Rates of Illness Across The Board


Employees who sign up and receive their vaccination via programs of workplace flu shots increase their chance of avoiding illness by upwards of 70%. This is a major marker for enterprises and communities who are able to leverage the herd immunity theory – an approach where all members are immunised under one roof and contained within one environment. Of course they will be exposed to other locations and groups at home and around town where those protections are not guaranteed, but they will still improve their chances of health by being involved in an organisation where everyone has participated.


Overseeing Safe & Secure Internal Flu Shot Program

When employees are left to source their own immunisation as the company avoids the use of workplace flu shots, there is no awareness about who they are using, how much they are paying, to what degree they are covered and other elements that are left to assumptions. This is poor business practice as the safety of the individuals can be placed in jeopardy without being able to oversee the initiative inside the business environment.


Improving Commercial Image

Business owners are always satisfied when their brand is held in high regard by constituents and stakeholders. It is something of an intangible quality when the discussing the reputation of an organisation, but there are small measures that can be taken that illustrates that a company cares about their key assets – their people. Engaging workplace flu shots works to improve the commercial image of the entity, providing an opportunity to showcase a level of care that cannot be masked by marketing rhetoric or empty gestures.


Managers who examine programs of workplace flu shots from a purely objective standpoint will conclude that the rewards far outweigh the risks for this health initiative. The top organisations in fields across Australia embrace this process as common practice, marking it in their calendar as an annual exercise that protects their investment. Rather than being consumed by the logistical hassle and short-term costs of the shots, it is worthwhile finding a reliable local provider and allowing them to do much of the heavy lifting.