Problems Regarding U.S Citizenship Faced By A Foreign-Born Child

Acquiring Citizenship

In the United States, for a foreign-born child to acquire citizenship, he/she should have a sponsor of some sort such as a family, a foster parent or an adoptive parent who is willing to take care of him/her in all aspects until permanent accommodation is available. To secure citizenship when the procedure isn’t programmed, the child must achieve certain procedures. The citizenship procedure is less troublesome if the child has something like one parent that is a citizen of the country in either blood or through adoption. The child’s birth or naturalization will then, by and large, provide the necessary citizenship. Concerning an automatic citizenship, he/she must be under the age of eighteen. The child should remain under the legal or physical custody of a parent who withholds a citizenship in the United States or is already living in the country. The child should have a resident status which is legal and lawful. If the adoption process is part of this procedure, it must be on par with the immigration laws of the laws of the country. If all steps followed occur without complication or additional problems, the child may acquire later or immediate or automatic citizenship in the United States. In case, any issues do come up, an immigration lawyer could help.

Legal Complications for Citizenship

If the individual is no longer a child but was when the process began, he or she might need to acquire citizenship through / the process which is used for adults, at this point. Other problems may come up if the foreign-born individual is unable to travel to the United States and must remain out of the country for a while. This could delay the matter or could stop an automatic citizenship process until further legal complications come up such as location or age issues. In the United States, another problem that exists is that if the US citizen who has physical or legal custody dies before the child gets their citizenship.

The Process for Citizenship

One of the approaches to improve the probability of citizenship is adoption. Be that as it may, the guardians should take after the right procedure. The guardians may guarantee an automatic citizenship for the kid; however, the process requires either quick travel to the country or a brief visit that begins the naturalization for the youth that is under eighteen years of age. The guardians must meet all criteria for qualification. The right records may happen through a USCIS Form N-600 or USCIS Form N-600k form that may likewise require a passport with a suitable picture.

Legal Support for a Foreign-Born Child.

The family endeavoring to adopt or bring in a foreign-born child to the United States may need to contact a lawyer for extra help. The lawful expert may need to contact extra specialists and clarify the important paperwork alongside what different elements are a piece of the naturalization or citizenship for the kid to end up a citize
n from the country.