How Family Lawyers In Sydney Can Help With A Divorce

Many couples will experience separation and divorce at some point in their lives, if you don’t experience one yourself you’ll no doubt know a couple who has gone through one. There are legal obligations attached to de facto and married couples and often a shared pool of assets that need dividing up so a break up can sometimes be complicated and require the assistance of family lawyers in Sydney. Below are some of the areas you should research and consider if you’re going through a divorce.

Marriage, family & separation

If you’re planning to get married or in the process of a separation or divorce than it’s a good idea to research the social and legal impacts of separation as well as what to expect during court proceedings or when speaking to legal professionals about your matter.


The process of separating can be very stressful for both couples and children if they are involved. Separations can be highly emotionally charged, people often feel hurt, angry, heartbroken, and sad and these feelings and the people involved can make it difficult to make measured decisions about property and assets. Separating couples with children will have to make important decisions about their children; they’ll also have to come to agreements about financials and the division of other assets. Any children involved in the separation will be emotional as well and may feel stressed by dealing with the feeling of being split between parents, it’s important that decisions are made in the best interest of the child. Family lawyers in Sydney can help make the process of separating less stressful.

What should you do when separating?

When you are undergoing a separation you should consider whether or not you can work through anything in your relationship with the help of mediation and counseling. You should also think about what agreements you and your ex-partner need to reach and whether you should go to court for court orders.

How family lawyers in Sydney can help

When undergoing a separation or divorce you should reach out and seek legal advice as early as you can. Family lawyers in Sydney will help you to understand what to expect and what the process is going to be. They can also speak to you about other possible methods of coming to agreements such as alternative dispute resolution.

Reach agreements with your ex

Family lawyers in Sydney can help to reduce the stress involved in a separation or divorce and it can also help to reduce financial stress. Proceeding to court can be costly and time-consuming.

Parenting plans and orders

You can also speak to your family lawyers about reaching agreements around parenting and child custody arrangements. They can also help you to reach agreements about parenting such as how the child is raised, where they will live and they can help with parenting plans. Parenting plans are agreements made outside of court and cannot be legally enforced. Consent orders are written and approved by the Courts and are legally enforceable, however. Court orders should be sought if parents cannot reach a mutual agreement about parenting outside of court. Family lawyers in Sydney can help you go to court and will reduce the stress involved in pursuing court orders.

If you’re undergoing a separation than it is a good idea to get professional legal advice as this can help you reach agreements that are the best interests of children and equitable and fair for everyone and will also reduce the stress and heartache involved in a break-up.