Guide When Choosing A Criminal Lawyer In Melbourne

Are you charged with an offense? If this is your first time, then you would probably want to know what to ask your criminal lawyer in Melbourne during the first consultation. We have brought you a few questions and tips to ask your criminal defense attorney in your first consultation:

Here’s what you must expect from an initial consultation with a criminal defense attorney:

  • First things first, you will have to get in touch with the lawyer or firm to schedule the consultation via phone or email. The first step is the most crucial one as it means you are now on the right path. You will get an appointment with your attorney so that you can sit and discuss the case in detail. You can even do it on the phone if you like. It all comes down to your preference whether you want the initial consultation to be over the call or in person.
  • Once charged with an offense, you will receive some documents and papers from the police/court like a notice for appearing in the court, a ticket, etc. You must bring all these important documents to the lawyer’s office for a consultation.
  • The great idea is to write down your story from the beginning to the end before going to the lawyer for a consultation. This will help you to have a clear account of the proceedings of that day. You will not miss out on any point in this way and will discuss it all with the lawyer. The lawyer will also be able to develop the right defense once he is well informed about the case.
  • You may find a meeting with a lawyer intimidating. Look for a lawyer who makes it their point to ensure you are in your comfort zone. It is also important for you to go to the lawyer with positivity and don’t feel intimidated.

Tips to Choose a Criminal Lawyer in Melbourne

criminal lawyer in Melbourne talking to someone over the phone

The first thing when charged with a criminal offense is to connect with a great criminal defense attorney. The right lawyer will make the process streamlined and more comfortable for you while trying his best to produce favorable results. Here are a few tips to help you choose a criminal lawyer in Melbourne:

1.    Criminal Law Specialist

Go for a criminal law specialist. He will have relevant experience and practice and will be well acquainted with such cases. Hence his knowledge will come into play in your case as well to create the right strategy.

2.    Testimonials

Ask around in your circle for references to a good criminal lawyer in Melbourne. Get online and research some trustworthy sources that can provide you with lawyers that have stellar reviews from their clients.

3.    Go for Free Consultation

Many criminal defense lawyers and firms offer free consultations. Go for a free consultation and ask the questions that you need answers to. If you find the lawyer to be a good fit, then the issue is resolved; otherwise, keep looking.

4.    Be familiar with the Team.

In case you refer your case to a large firm, they will assign you to a lawyer that is available. Know who would be representing you beforehand and get acquainted with them.

5.    Budget

Keep your budget in mind while hiring an attorney. The newer attorneys charge a lower rate. So, search while keeping your budget in mind.

So, go ahead and use our mini but effective guide while choosing your criminal lawyer in Melbourne. Make sure to choose an experienced firm so that they can represent you better using their expertise. It is imperative that you are comfortable with your lawyer our initial consultation and attorney choosing tips will help you a great deal in this regard.