DIY Projects You Can Do With Ink Stamps

Looking for some fun DIY projects you can do with ink stamps? You’re in the right place. Ink stamps are an incredibly versatile craft tool and in our opinion, everyone should have a collection that suits their style. It’s not always easy to identify everything you can do with such a seemingly simple object, however, so today we’ve put together this list of activities to give you a good starting point.

Make Your Own Flower Pot

First up, if you consider yourself a bit of a green thumb and like to have indoor plants throughout your home, creating your own flower pots is the perfect ink stamps DIY project for you. To get started with this activity, you’ll need to head down to your local nursery, hardware store or other preferred shop and find some basic pots. Ideally you’ll want a nice neutral colour so you can get as creative as you want with the tones you use in your design, but it really is a matter of personal preference. While you’re there, you’ll also want to select a clear varnish or other type of sealant to ensure that your new personalised pots last for as long as possible. Then all you need to do is break out your favourite ink stamps, choose your colours and create your design.

Creative Cards

If you’re the type who loves giving handmade cards with heartfelt messages to show your loved ones that you care, ink stamps can help you take this to the next level. All you’ll need for this one is some blank cards, a pen or pencils to do any writing and your preferred ink stamps for the job. Simply create your design, allow it to dry, and fill your custom card with your message just like you would with a store bought option.

Photo Frames

Want a creative way to showcase your memories? Why not find some simple photo frames and use your ink stamps to personalise them? This one works best with photo frames that are flat so you can get the best imprint, but if you don’t mind a more abstract design, feel free to be creative with the shape and texture of your base.

Custom Clothes

This one is a little trickier, but you can actually use ink stamps to create your own custom clothing as well as giving a new life to old clothing. You’ll need to use a pigment that is suitable for fabric and you’ll want to ensure that the top or other garment that you choose is lighter in colour than your preferred design for best results, but once you’ve sorted out the logistics, this DIY project can be super fun and creative. Working with such a soft and pliable canvas does mean that you’ll have to be a bit more strategic about where and how you place your design, but it is entirely doable. Remember to let everything set completely before washing your new clothes and try to keep cycles to a minimum as your design, like anything printed on clothing, will fade over time with multiple washes.

Learning Activities For Kids

Finally, if you’ve got little ones who are feeling crafty, playing with ink stamps can be a fanatic learning experience for them. Not only is it a great way to teach children about cause and effect, but it also provides the opportunity for you to explain how the transfer of pigment works if they’re interested in the technical side of things. You can even get creative and turn it into a game. For example, if you’ve got multiple types of ink stamps, you could ask little ones to find the matching imprints. This then opens up a conversation about whatever item the image they’ve just created represents and can be highly beneficial for children with a kinetic learning style. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go get some ink stamps and get started with your preferred project today!